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A Paella Party can add fun and flair to your summer entertaining! Because there is a mixture of seafood, meat ,vegetables and rice, it is full of robust flavors and filling.


This Spanish classic is great to serve a crowd along with some savory tapa appetizers to enjoy while the paella cooks. You will have the makings of a memorable, delicious, and fun-filled party - get everyone involved as you create the soccrat and the other magical steps of making the perfect paella. Wonderful with some good Sangria, or a crisp, dry Albarino wine or dry red Rioja wine from Spain.

Paella Party!

  • Menu:

    We will start out with an assortment of typical Spanish goodies - Marcona almonds, olives, Manchego cheese to munch on as we prepare our feast


    We will be preparing 2 famous Spanish tapas -

    Tomato bread - lightly grilled bread spread with fresh tomato and anchovies)

    White Gazpacho - white Gazpacho is made from almonds, grapes and cucumbers, very refreshing for a summer day! 


    We will end our Spanish feast with an Almond-Orange Cake - a classic Spanish winner. Moist, with a dense consistency, it is made from almond paste, sugar, flour, eggs, and candied orange peel. And guess what - an added bonus- it freezes very well!



    1. Tomato Bread
    2. White Gazpacho
    3. Authentic Seafood Paella
    4. Paella Valenciana
    5. Almond-Orange Cakes

    Class length @ 3  hours.

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