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What is a patisserie you may ask? It is a word used to describe French pastries as well as the shop in which they are sold!


When visiting Paris, I was awestruck by the number of patisseries on virtually every street, as well as the variety, beauty, and delicacy of the selections. And so, I have been inspired to try to recreate a few of these little lovelies for you!


Our menu will offer you visual and delectable delights guaranteed to not disappoint when you want to be fancy and impress your guests or treat yourself to something special. What’s even better is they are easy to serve as they all can be held in the hand. Which, by the way, leaves the other hand free for the perfect accompaniment- a chilled glass of sparkling champagne!


Our menu consists of:


Mini Pavlovas – A meringue dessert with a crisp crust and soft, light inside, usually topped with fruit and cream. We will do a second version, a chocolate meringue filled with a chestnut cream as well. Very light, and reminiscent of the famous ballerina’s skirts, for which they were named.


Cannaels de Bordeaux – oh my. These are mini-cakes with crunchy caramelly exteriors and creamy custardy interiors. These show -stoppers, scented with rum absolutely will make you swoon.


Chocolate Bouchons ( Bouchons Au Chocolat) – Similar to brownies but baked in a cork- shaped molds (Bouchon means “cork” in French) they have a glossy crust and rich, moist inside due to additional chocolate morsels mixed in the batter. A true chocoholic’s dream- we do the version by the master himself, Thomas Keller.


In addition, while we are waiting for our sweets to finish, we will enjoy a savory French treat often found in the little pastry shops and cafes - croque monsieur!

A French version of a grilled ham and cheese but coated in a bechamel sauce steps it up a few notches! ooh la la! 

Patisserie Soirée

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