Join us in this special event highlighting a variety of duck dishes featuring Jurgielewicz ducks!

We have a fabulous menu that you will be cooking, including:

-Crispy Wontons filled with Duck Salad - we will sear and then finely chop a duck breast and add Asian ingredients for this yummy appetizer! 

-Seared Duck Breast with Roasted Grapes and Gastrique - we will also sear a duck breast and slice thinly to serve as a second appetizer.

-Roast Duckling with Cherry Juniper Jam - Create a masterpiece whole duck with a crispy skin and moist interior with a side of cherry juniper jam to round out the flavors.

-Wild Mushroom Risotto with Duck Confit- we will use the shredded meat from the confit to create a mouth watering mushroom risotto - you will nail the technique to create a creamy finish.

-Creme Brulee - using duck eggs! yes duck eggs create a creamy melt in the mouth result in the custard, and then torching the creme brulee creates the crackly crisp topping to send your taste buds soaring!

The Divine Duck