Join us in this special event highlighting a variety of duck dishes featuring Jurgielewicz ducks!

We have a fabulous menu that you will be cooking, including:

-Crispy Wontons filled with Duck Salad - we will sear and then finely chop a duck breast and add Asian ingredients for this yummy appetizer! 

-Seared Duck Breast with Roasted Grapes and Gastrique - we will also sear a duck breast and slice thinly to serve as a second appetizer.

-Roast Duckling with Cherry Juniper Jam - Create a masterpiece whole duck with a crispy skin and moist interior with a side of cherry juniper jam to round out the flavors.

-Wild Mushroom Risotto with Duck Confit- we will use the shredded meat from the confit to create a mouth watering mushroom risotto - you will nail the technique to create a creamy finish.

-Creme Brulee - using duck eggs! yes duck eggs create a creamy melt in the mouth result in the custard, and then torching the creme brulee creates the crackly crisp topping to send your taste buds soaring!

The Divine Duck


    402 South Tulpehocken Road

    Reading, PA 19601


    Tel: 610-374-2674

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