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Basic principles of saute'.

including learning the secrets of good stock and clarified butter!


Sautéed' Chicken Breast with Wine Shallot Reduction Sauce

Sautéed Haricot Verte with Gremolata 

Pommes Persillade

Cherry Clafoutis

Secrets of Saute'

  • Saute is a technique that cooks food rapidly in a little fat over relatively high heat. Generally a very good method for tender cuts of protein and often accompanied by a delicious pan sauces created from the yummy bits left in the saute pan.

    This is the most FUNDAMENTAL and widely used technique of them all. However, there are many secrets to producing restaurant quality dishes that underly the simplicity of this method such as clarifed butter and the right stock to use in your pan sauce for a melt in the mouth finish. We will explore these topics and much more to provide in depth knowledge to perfectly create a fabulous meal in a matter of minutes - a la minute! 


    Our Menu:

    -Sauteed  Chicken Breast with Wine Shallot Sauce


    -Sauteed Haricot Verte with Gremolate Topping


    -Pommes Persaillade


    -Cherry Clafoutis


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