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I am honored and excited to offer week-long tours to beautiful Italy. Designed to immerse you in the culture, food, and specialized features of the regions, Andiamolinda tours provide superior customized experiences complete with cooking classes, wine tastings, the very best shopping opportunities and tours of the regional highlights and hidden gems of the area.

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*2020 Early Bird Pricing before 3/1/20!

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*2020 Early Bird Pricing before 4/1/20!


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Our past trips to Puglia + Tuscany

Our excursions provide for you the ultimate in understanding the country’s past - through cooking, touring, and our hand selected off the beaten track surprises


" Linda is a flexible, fun, bundle of joy and energy. Any time spent with her at the helm as your tour director is going to keep a smile on your face. She does her research and hires the best local talents and keeps the costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. If you're considering a tour with her, put on your Nike hat and JUST DO IT! "

— Cyndi S.

" Wow! The Puglia trip planned by Linda Bell was fabulous! The venues, sightseeing excursions, and shopping superseded our expectations! The cooking class and local entertainment were top notch. The Italian winemaking tour with homemade ricotta and local delicacies was one of my favorites. This was by far the best trip we have experienced in our lifetime! Thank you, Linda and Mike, for being outstanding hosts!"

— Connie D.

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" Puglia is a hidden treasure! Linda put together a fun, well organized culinary adventure into this relatively unknown part of Italy. Every day was filled with beauty and adventure. It is well worth one’s time to visit! "

— Mary P.