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Puglia Photos

Mary P.

" Puglia is a hidden treasure! Linda put together a fun, well organized culinary adventure into this relatively unknown part of Italy. Every day was filled with beauty and adventure. It is well worth one’s time to visit! "

Peggy M.

"I went to Puglia with Linda two weeks
ago, I experienced the beauty, the
wonder and the deliciousness of this
region. A week of traveling with a
wonderful guide and group. Eating
incredible meals, seeing gorgeous sites,
all with a knowledgeable and
enthusiastic hostess. Try it you will
like it !"

Cyndi S.

" Linda is a flexible, fun, bundle of joy and energy. Any time spent with her at the helm as your tour director is going to keep a smile on your face. She does her research and hires the best local talents and keeps the costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. If you're considering a tour with her, put on your Nike hat and JUST DO IT! "

Mike and Darcy N.

" We joined Linda and Mike Bell for a true one-of-a-kind journey to taste and cook in the heel of Italy. Puglia, with its ancient olive trees, masserias, wine, and ambiance is a part of Italy off the beaten path. While exploring the Baroque architecture of its cities and legacies of its provinces, we stayed at four-star accommodations and had an expert tour guide to accompany us. Not only did we get to taste a variety of the Puglia cuisine, we enjoyed privileged access to local farms, family-run vineyards and a hands-on cooking lesson at "The Cooking School of Puglia" with a local chef. Our taste buds were awakened and our minds stimulated as we learned about regional cheeses, wine, and olive oil production during field trips to local farms. We can't say enough about the trip!  Mike and Linda are ideal hosts providing attention to detail."

Connie D.

" Wow! The Puglia trip planned by Linda Bell was fabulous! The venues, sightseeing excursions, and shopping superseded our expectations! The cooking class and local entertainment were top notch. The Italian winemaking tour with homemade ricotta and local delicacies was one of my favorites. This was by far the best trip we have experienced in our lifetime! Thank you, Linda and Mike, for being outstanding hosts!"

MaryBeth K.

"We didn’t know what to expect
before our trip to Puglia, but were very
pleasantly surprised; everyday visiting
a quaint little village truly capturing
the flavor of southern Italy. From
ancient seaside towns, to charming
cobblestone streets, lunch at a winery,
as well as a cheese/olive oil farm, plus
a great cooking class. We learned
amazing histories saw awesome
architecture, all making for a really
fun adventure."


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