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Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Embark on a delightful culinary adventure with our NEWEST series of classes designed
for both novice and advanced cooks. Each class is crafted to simplify the art
of cooking, making it accessible to all skill levels. Join us for an enriching
experience that will elevate your cooking prowess and expand your culinary
repertoire. Check out our Simply classes below:

Simply Culinary Delights
A Culinary Journey for Novice to Advanced Cooks

Cooking Outdoor


I have taken the Fundamental Series as well as other a la cart classes being offered. Honestly one of the best experiences I've had learning new skills. Linda and Mike extremely nice, kind, informative and they are both absolutely phenomenal. Not only did I leave every class with awesome food , new ideas, techniques and skills in the kitchen but I also left with new and amazing friends that feel like family. Highly recommended and I don't plan to stop seeing and learning with these wonderful people. P.S. I love their dog Sadie too :)

—  Nitty S.

—  Betty B.

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