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Step into an evening of French Country cuisine!


Our culinary method revolves around the technique of braising - a combination moist heat/dry heat method - which yields the comforting aromas and dishes so welcoming on a chilly winter evening.


The highlight of our menu is Coq au vin - chicken cooked in burgundy wine garnished with mushrooms and onions - a culinary masterpiece, like so many others, evolving from simple French peasant cooking.


We will conclude our meal with a rustic country apple galette inspired by the infamous Jacque Pepin! Simple deliciousness! 



Herbed Honey topped Warmed Goat Cheese with Crackers

Coq au vin - Chicken in Red Wine Sauce

Pommes Puree' - French style rich and creamy mashed potatoes
Roasted Beet and Lentil Salad 

Country Apple Galette


Class length @ 3 hours

Country French

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