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Our Menu:


-Amuse Bouche – Classic Gougeres - Savory little puffs of choux pastry mixed with cheese-  served all over France but particularly in the Burgundy region when sampling wines in the various cellars of the region. 


-Salade Lyonnaise- a popular bistro salad comprised of frisee, bacon lardons, homemade crouton, and topped with a poached egg.


- Ducchess Potatoes- “Fast and fancy mashed potatoes – form them now, bake them later!”Julia Child – don't you love that??!


-Sauteed Flank Steak with Red Wine Pan Sauce- melt in the mouth deliciousness with a perfect pan sauce made with top notch ingredients.


-Cherry Clafoutis- a cherry studded custard assembled and baked in a cast iron skillet - French bistro at its best.

French Bistro

  • Most simply, a bistro is a small neighborhood restaurant serving home style, substantial fare. It is the essence of casual cooking as opposed to the high classical recipes that are often difficult to achieve for the average home cook.  French cooking at its best, bistro dishes can be lusty and earthy filling the air with wafts of pungent garlic or bacon sizzling, or the aroma of a perfectly roasted chicken. Food we can relate to – delicious green salads, golden potato gratins, inexpensive but flavorful cuts of meat with succulent pan sauces, sweet creamy custards or flans. Bistro reveres French comfort food – in the words of Thomas Keller, “this kind of food makes us feel good just by looking at it. This food makes people happy.” What could be better?

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