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ooh la la! let's have a fabulous French dinner and dream that we are dining in a rustic restaurant nestled in the French countryside.. .or a fancy one in the heart of Paris!


Our menu for the evening:


- Seafood Crepes with Sauce Parisienne- So delicious - we will make the crepes and then fill with a Shrimp/Scallop mixture tossed with our Sauce Parisienne a variation of a classic Veloute Sauce.


-Pan Seared Breast of Duck with Roasted Grapes and Gastrique- crispy seared duck breast - the roasted grapes and gastrique provide a perfect balance to the duck in this lovely main dish.


-Steamed Haricot Verte with Herb Butter- Make a compound butter to enhance the delicate steamed beans  -infused with herbs and shallots, this is a versatile concoction that can be wrapped in plastic and refrigerted to use with a variety of other goodies.


-Bittersweet Chocolate Souflee with Orange Sauce - this version shared by Jacque Pepin is super easy and provides the ultimate finish to our French themed feast. 










La French Table

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