The cooking of Sicily is based on the rich bounty of this fertile island with high quality and fresh ingredients and easy to master techniques. Join us in an culinary exploration of some of the best dishes this region has to offer!


Our menu:


Cannelloni with Chicken and Sauce Supreme - Of course FRESH  pasta stuffed with chicken and spinach and flavored with cheese, lemon zest and nutmeg in a white sauce.  A crowd pleasing favorite!


Salmon con Capperi e Limone - Aromatic salmon steamed in parchment packet, with salted capers (yum), olives, and lemon. A Meditterean delight.


Caponata- A traditional vegetable dish on the Sicilian table featuring eggplant, peppers, onion , in an agrodolce (sweet/sour) sauce. Served at room temperature, this dish keeps for days so can be enjoyed next day with a crusty loaf.


Budino di Ricotta - a Ricotta pudding from Sicily- This dessert is not only delicious it also looks beautiful on your table. Baked in a water bath in a mold, and decorated with candied fruits and lemon peel, it presents an elegant finish to your meal. 


Mangia Siciliana!