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The French have the knack to transform the simplest dining experience into one of elegance - even if it is no more than a pack and go lunch! Capture the art of preparing the perfect picnic as if you are dining in the Parisian countryside on a beautfiul afternoon. Our menu reflects some of the most beloved French foods, perfectly made ahead, and easily transported. So grab your favorite picnic basket, a colorful blanket, and don't forget the chill the Rose! 


Our Menu:

Classic Gougeres - Savory little puffs of choux pastry mixed with cheese served all over France with a glass of wine a perfect start!


Pan Bagnat- Le French Tuna Salad Sandwich! - A sandwich version of Salad Nicoise, with tuna, olives, fresh herbs, etc all stuffed into a hollowed out crusty baguette, weighted down and refrigerated for perfect slicing. The ulitmate picnic sandwich.


Classic Quiche Lorraine -  A flaky pie crust filled with a simple, lighter-than-air quiche flavored wtih bacon, onion,Gruyere cheese and nutmeg. Transports well and universally loved!


Croque Monsieur - A French grilled ham and cheese sandwich but with a Mornay Sauce that takes it over the top - simply wrap in parchment when taken out of the oven, and sit back and enjoy the crunchy exterior and the warm and gooey insides - totally yummy.


Plum Clafoutis - Not too sweet, nice and custardy and a stellar platform to showcase the beautiful stone fruits of the season.


Madeleines-Little puffy cookie cakes, that require their own scallop-shaped baking pan! Light, and flavored with orange or lemon zest, they will melt in your mouth and will provide a delcious sweet finish to our picnic. Great served with some seasonal fresh fruit or an assortment of well-selected cheeses. 



Parisian Picnic

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