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Risotto is a dish loved throughout the world and there is no wonder why. It ranks high on the "comfort foods" index with its creamy melt in the mouth texture. Incredibly versatile, it can be made with just one or two ingredients, or it can create a platform for more elaborate presentations. In this class you will learn about the various types of rice to create a perfect risotto, as well as the proper pan and of course the technique. Once this technique is understood, you will never have to follow a recipe again and your risotto creations can come from whatever you have on hand in your kitchen. All of our dishes use arborio or carnaroli rice. Our menu consists of :

-Risotto al Gambereto- Risotto with Shrimp and Saffron - This will be a popular dish in your culinary repertoire as it is easy to prepare, economical (a little shrimp goes a long way), and elegant.
Basic risotto technique incorporating fresh shrimp yields a creamy seafood dish (of course no cream!) your guests will love. The saffron adds a touch of perfumed delciousness that only saffron can achieve!


-Risotto con la Zucca - Pumpkin Risotto - Very popular during the holiday season, this preparation can use any kind of winter squash. We will use butternut squash, seasoned with pancetta, and fresh sage.


-Risotto con Funghi - Risotto with wild mushrooms - Earthy, intense mixture using a variety of  fresh and dried wild mushrooms creating a risotto with depth and complex flavor from our fungi friends. 


-Suppli -perhaps known as Arancini in the southern area, or simply rice balls, Suppli are a favorite Roman snack. A great way to use leftover Arborio rice, stuff with some cheese and maybe prosciutto and deep fry. Also yummy on a bed of greens for a great luncheon treat.  Oh my - creamy, crispy savory goodness.


- Another way to use leftover risotto, mix with some spinach, tomato, or red pepper and bake in a muffin tin for an extra special side dish for your next entertaining event!



Rockin' Risotto

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