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🍽️ Elevate Your Salmon Experience: Simply Salmon!🍽


Are you stuck in a salmon-cooking rut? Yearning to add some flair to your weekly meals? Look no further! We invite you to our Fundamental Simple Cooking Class, where we'll transform your salmon dishes from ordinary to extraordinary.


🔪 What's on the Menu?

  • Pan Seared Delights: Discover the art of pan-searing salmon with not one, but two delectable sauces.
  • Poached Perfection: Immerse yourself in the world of poaching, accompanied by two distinct and delightful sauces, including the luxurious beurre blanc.
  • Oven Steam Extravaganza: Learn the secrets of oven-steaming in parchment packets, perfectly marrying your salmon with flavorful veggies.
  • Grilled Goodness: Master the indoor grill and savor the citrusy freshness of salsa verde paired with your grilled salmon.

But wait, there's more! As we cook up a storm, we'll also delve into the creation of an elegant appetizer: Salmon Rillettes. Picture this – poached and smoked salmon expertly blended into a spreadable consistency. And the best part? We'll be savoring these delightful bites as we work our culinary magic.


🍷 What to Bring? Grab a bottle of your favorite Chardonnay, kick back, and enjoy the learning experience. Our class promises not only to tantalize your taste buds but also to elevate your cooking skills to a whole new level.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your salmon game! Reserve your spot now and let's embark on a flavorful journey together.


Register today ! as usual limited seats available!



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