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In this introductory class, you will learn about, experience, and taste the benefits of food prepared in the sous vide method.

    Imagine you’re cooking a steak. You probably know exactly the color and texture—the doneness, you'd like. With sous vide you simply set a pot of water to the corresponding time and temperature, and you can get that perfect doneness you desire, every time. 


Sous vide has been gaining popularity recently with home cooks, but professional chefs and restaurants have been relying upon it for decades. It’s a relatively simple method that can easily be used at home to improve your favorite meals, remove unnecessary stress from cooking, or free you from focusing on one aspect of your meal—like getting your steak to the doneness you desire without overcooking it—so you can focus on a creative side dish, sauce, or dessert. Once you’re certifiably obsessed with sous vide, there are tons of amazing things you can make with it, from carnitas to perfect crème brûlée, fried chicken to smoky ribs.


Our Menu:

- Grilled pork chops, dusted with fennel pollen

- Butter poached salmon with sauce grenobloise

- Chicken breast with herbed brown butter finish

- Cumin scented, sous vide style, carrots and asparagus

- Spicy poached pears

















Sous Vide!


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