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Comforts of Braising

  • Braising is a method of cooking involving both moist heat and dry heat. This is the ultimate technique to creating the very best comfort warming foods. Once the basic understanding has been developed you will be able to create numerous fabulous dishes using the same method - whether it be short ribs, osso bucco, coq au vin, beef bourginon and many other popular comfort foods. Added bonus- most of these dishes are even better the next day so a great way to entertain! 

    Our menu includes:

    - Succulent Braised Short Ribs with Vegetable Sauce

    -Classic All American Mashed Potatoes

    -Rich and Creamy Mashed Potatoes ( Pommes Puree)

    -Tender Braised Leeks

    -Braised Pears with Caramel Sauce topped with Crushed Pistachios


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