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The most basic of our fundamental series - learn essential knife skills as well as a guide to valuable kitchen orientation information such as what kind of equipment is vital to begin to collect in your kitchen and why. Feeling confident with your knife skills can afford you an entirely different attitude about cutting and dicing, and therefore increase you enjoyment in necessary kitchen tasks (not to mention safety!) You will prepare our dishes as you practice your improved skills and chop and dice with panache!


Our menu includes:

Tortilla Chips with Pico de Gallo

Mustard glazed Spatchcocked Chicken

Oven roasted vegetables with Orzo Pasta

Apple Roses


Hone Your Knife Skills

  • In this class you will learn the most important of all kitchen skills - how to properly choose, care for and use your knife. Knowing basic cutting techniques for dicing and slicing can transform this typically daily task from drudgery to satisfaction! In addition we will teach you how to select high quality kitchen equipment and teach you about how different metals in your pans can affect your cooking outcomes. 

    With our newly acquired skills at dicing and slicing, we will create a luscious dinner and also make our own tortilla chips (from scratch!) to accompany our pico de gallo! We will also cut and dice various shapes of vegetables to use in our roasted orzo and vegetable side dish. Finally we will demonstrate for you how to spatchcock a whole chicken for an easy, fast, and evenly cooked bird roasted with a dijon mustard crust. This class is a must for anyone who enjoys the kitchen - 99% of my clients have told me they didn't realize that they never held a knife the proper way and believe me, it makes a huge difference in outcome and safety!! 

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