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Roasting 101

  • Knowing how to create a meal featuring a lovely roast bird is a skill that nearly every single person should master! Although essentially not difficult, there are a few secrets that can transform your efforts from the ordinary to the superb. In addition, you will learn how to brine, and truss a bird and how to create a succulent pan gravy.

    And what is more delicious that oven roasted carmalized vegetables? Simple, nutritious, and involves very little effort or clean up. 

    Plus learn how to incorporate celeriac (an earthy, celery flavored root vegetable) into a mouth watering oven-roasted French style potato gratin.

    To finish up, you will learn how to create the widely loved ever popular Vanilla Creme Brulee - you willl truly be a kitchen rock star!


    Our Menu:

    - Perfect Roast Chicken with Pan Gravy

    -Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash

    -Potato and Celery Root Gratin

    -Vanilla Creme brulee 

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